The Honda Humanoid Robot has found a new home... the happiest place on the earth!

The Honda Humanoid Robot, the world`s most advanced humanoid robot, start in its very own high tech stage show in the Honda Humanoid Robot theater in Innovations, located inside Disneyland® Resort`s Tomorrowland.

Science comes to life in Say 'Hello' to Honda`s Humanoid Robot, a 15-minute live show featuring the revolutionary human educational presentation paints of how humans will someday benefit from a robot assistant like the Honda Humanoid Robot.

As guests enter the Honda Humanoid Robot Theater they are introduced to Honda`s robotics program and learn how the power of dreams and the determines of Honda engineers led to the development of a humanoid robot capable of the remarkable feat of walking like a real person.

Inside the theater, guests are invited into the home of the McGuires as they meet the newest member of their family, The Honda Humanoid Robot, and discover the endless possibilities of having mobility capabilities such as  walking forward and backward, climbing and descending a flight of stairs and even dancing!

Offering a glimpse into a househeld complete with a humanoid robot helper, Say 'Hello' to Honda`s Humanoid Robot inspires guests to dream of the infinite potential for robots to help people in the future.

Your family can meet The Honda Humanoid Robot and the McGuires in the Honda Humanoid Robot Theater inside Innovations at the Disneyland® Resort in Anaheim, California.

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