There are so many different lawnowners and, if you`re not used to the technology, choosing the right one for you can seem a little tricky. So we`ve created this simple guide to get you started. What cutter deck size should choose? What product range should you focus on? What features should you look for? Just follow 3 steps below and you will be able to find the right product for you and your garden in no time.


How long do you want to mow for?

Every lawnmower can do the job, big ones or small ones. Bu the real question Is: "How long do you want to mow for?" As you might have already guessed, with basic models, It will take longer: their cutter desck size and their grass bag capacity are generally samller to you will collect less grass per second and you need to empty the grass bag more often.

Mowing time for a 100m2 lawn*

Use the chart to find a lawnmower based on your mowing time.


What garden do you have?

Your garden copmlexity and the level of comfort you wish to get will define the features you might be looking for in a lawnmower. Honda lawnmower models are available in Push, Single speed, SMART Drive® and Variable speed transmissions. The information below will help you decide on the model you need depending on the type of garden you have.