Honda generators have many innovative features and technologies, to maximise performance whatever the environment and application. The following symbols have been carefully considered to help you choose the right generator for your needs. Look for these symbols on the model pages.


Oil alert™

Prevents engine damage by automatically shutting the unit down if the oil drops below a safe operating level.

DC output

Provies uo to 12A for battery charging (optional cable required).

Low-noise design

Noise reducing muffler to lower operational noise.


Monitors output performance as well as self-diagnostics and servicing information.


Automatically reduces the engine speed when appliances are turned off or disconnected. Engine returns to rated speed when appliances are turned on or reconnected.

Multi-phasepower output

Variable power output options for single-phase or three-phase applications.

Transport wheels

Smooth and stable wheel attachments allow a single user to easily manoeuvre the unit.

Enhanced anti-vibration system

Our 45 inclined rubber enigne mounts give superior vibration damping compared to indsutrystandart straight rubber mounts.

Extended run time

Model features a larger fuel tank for longer continuous operation.


For superb portability in any situation, with easy transportation and storage.

Super quiet

Noise-reducing casing and acoustic panelling to greatly reduce operation noise.

Echo throttle™

Automaticaly adjusts the eninge speed to precisely match the load, to save fuel, exted engine life and give quieter operaiton.

High dust and water protection

Model features a high level of dust and water protection (IP54 category copmared to the standard IP23 category).

Electric start

Key operated electric start V for effortless operation.

Parallel operation

Parallel operation capability is an additional benefit of Inverter technology. Using Honda Genuine Parallel operation cables, you can link two EU10i, two EU20i, two EU30i, two EU30is, or two EU26i generators together to get as much as double the output of single unit. This gives you extra power when you need it, without having to trade up to a larger, heavier generator. Note: you can only parallel link two identical units together.