Honda tillers come fully equipped with a range of functional, user-friendly features to help you tackle labout-intensive tasks quickly and effeciently.

Foldable handle

Designed with convenient inward-facing knobs, this neat handle folds away for simple storage and transport.

Reversible handle

When using the tiller with an attachment, simply turn the convenient reversible handle 180 degree to effortless break up compacted soil, instead of turning the whole machine around. This function allows a greater variety of attachments.

Side clutch

The user friendly slide clutch stops the drive to either the right of the left tine, making changing direction easy.

Transport wheel

For extra manoeuvrability, the transport wheel helps you move the tiller seamlessly between storage and work areas-even over curbs and up hills.


More gears means greater control over power. The gearbox transfers the ideal power and torque to work the machine, letting you pick the perfect speed to match your pace.

Swing handle

With a reassuring safety release feature, the swing handle can be adusted to swing left or right which lets you work without leaving your footprints behind you, and avoids compressing already cultivated soil and plants.

Security loop handle

This multiple-grip loop handle allows for safe operation of your tiller from the center, left or right positions for easy turning at the end of a row.

Side discs

Slide discs protected growing plants from flying debris or impact from slasher tines by keeping the tiller perfectly aligned when furrowing.

Power take off (PTO)

PTO draws power from the engine and makes it easy to connect and disconnect powered attachments to your tiller to make heavy jobs like hulling, spraying and mowing quicker.

Counter-rotating tines

By rotating the tines in the opposite direction to each other the tiller becomes very balanced and easy to control, effortlessly breaking uo the hardest soil quicker and more efficiently.