From simple differences like a rear roller to innovative ideas never seen before in a lawnmower like SMART Drive, Honda lawnmowers come with a range of features that make a real difference. Look for these icons throughout the brocher to help you find the product that`s right for you.

Roto-stop® blade break clutch

Stops the blades but leaves the engine running while you empty the grass bag or move across driveways with Self-propelled models.

Electric start

Simple and convenient, the electric key start ignition makes starting your lawnmower even easier and is fitted in addition to the standard recoil pull-start.


The choke is allow you to draw more petrol into the cylinder by restricting the air flow. With auto-choke, there is no need to adjust the choke when the enigne is cold or restarting the engine when warm.

Versanow™ variable mulching system

With a single lever, Honda`s Vesranow™ system will either collect the grass cuttings into the bag, finely shared and blow them down into the lawn to create a natural fertiliser or the perfect mix of both.

Engine Pro Spec

All our profession engines are Over-Head Value(OHV) and feature: cast iron cylinder sleeve, bearing set on the crankshaft, high capacity air filter and steel fan cover

Low noise

Our R&D team have designed a patented low noise blade (-0.5dB(A)) compared to traditional blades. When combined with the engine and cutter deck design, its noise level is 30% under the current EU standard.

Rear roller

Models with real roller give your lawn that classic striped effect. A rear roller offers greater machine balance and control when cutting around the edge of your lawn.


A fan powered system under the cutter deck improves air flow between the cutter deck and the high air flow grass bag. It significantly improves collecting performance of the lawnmower.