Our Lawn Tractors and Ride-on Mowers are filled with innovative and robust features that maximise cutting and collecting performances while ensuring a relaxed and enjoyable operation





A fan powered system under the cutter deck improves air flow between the cutter deck and the high air flow grass bag. It significantly improves collecting performance of the Lawn Tractor

Electric grass dump

The grass bag is opened and assisted with an electric motor at the touch of a switch.

Engine pro spec

These engines are specifically designed for heavy and professional use. They are Over-Head Valve (OHV) with extra features to cope with heavy use and include a cast iron cylinder sleeve, bearing set supporting the crankshaft, high capacity air filter and steel fan cover.

Versamow selective mulching system

With a single lever, Honda`s Versamow system will either collect the grass cutting into bag or finely shred and blow them down into the lawn to create a natural fertiliser.