Honda water pumps have many innovation features and technologies. The following icons have been carefully considered to support you in choosing the right water pump for your needs. Look for these symbols on the following model pages.



Oil alert

Prevents engine damage by automatically shutting the unit down if the oil drops below a safe operating level.

OHV 4-stroke engine

Powerful and effecient with trusted reliability. Easy starting in all conditions with automatic decompession to reduce the pull force required

Conical impeller

Superb pumping and priming performance with reduced wear and clogging.

Anti-vibration system

Straight engine rubber mounts to reduce mechanical stress on the entire unti.

Chemical pump

Suitable for pumping chemical products such as agricultural fertiliser or industrial chemicals.

Unique 360 operation

Allows the pump to operate or be stored at any incline without damage.

Lightweight and portable

Super-compact and lightweight with integral carry handle for easy transporting and storage.

Cart iron volute and impeller

Superior durability for long life performance, even when pumping abrasice silts.

Removable inspection cover

Quick and simple access for making inspections and clearing debris for reduced down-time.

Enhanced anti-vibration system

45 inclined rubber engine mounts for superior or vibration damping at high eninge rpm.